Pediatric Pelvic Rehabilitation: Bed Wetting and Beyond

Bed wetting, withholding constipation, encopresis, vesicoureteral reflux and giggle incontinence are all examples of pediatric conditions that require unique treatments from a pelvic rehabilitation specialist who is specifically trained in treating children.

Children are not just “little adults” and are not effectively cared for as such. A pediatric pelvic rehab practitioner will provide comprehensive care that takes into account the effects of growth and development, milestones, neurological conditions, orthopedic considerations, behavior challenges and physiological differences that are unique to children and adolescents.

Treatments for pediatric conditions incorporate activity and routine modifications to:

  • Eliminate constipation
  • Improve bowel and bladder voiding
  • Decrease bowel and bladder irritants
  • Increase pelvic floor muscle awareness and strength

External exams and surface EMG biofeedback are utilized to assess and retrain pelvic floor strength and coordination. Internal rectal exams may be also utilized in adolescents if surface techniques have failed. Used together, these treatments can substantially help improve urinary/fecal leakage, stool withholding and pain, allowing children to focus on being children.

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