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Specializing in Abdominal and Pelvic Health


Many women are paying more attention to changes in their bodies

...during recreation, work, pregnancy, and throughout their life span.

Specially trained physical therapists, like Tracy, use every facet of their physical therapy training and continuing education to evaluate and treat patients to enhance health and function. The physical therapist will evaluate your problem and design an individualized plan of care to improve your function and enable you to manage your symptoms more effectively.

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What is Pelvic physical therapy?

Pelvic physical therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy. Evaluation is followed by treatment of the soft tissue, fascia, and bony structures of the pelvis and related areas including the abdomen, hips, back and sacroiliac joints. Pelvic physical therapy will address weakness and/or tension of the pelvic floor muscles which can contribute to symptoms such as incontinence of urine or stool, urinary urgency or frequency, pelvic organ prolapse or pain with intercourse.


5 Reasons
Why You Need
Physical Therapy

If you are ready to see how physical therapy can improve your life, contact us today

  • Eradicate or Reduce Pain.

    One of the primary objectives of physical therapy is to eliminate your pain. You will learn exercises and other techniques to relieve pain and reestablish function.

  • Improve movement.

    When you struggle to walk, transfer, squat or roll over, everything in life becomes more difficult. Physical therapy can help you improve your mobility with stretches, exercises, and other techniques that follow your personalized plan.

  • Non-invasive solution.

    Instead of medication or expensive, invasive surgery requiring a long recovery, physical therapy might help you avoid those options. However, sometimes surgery is necessary. If you are post-op, physical therapy can help you recover and restore function.

  • Improve your coordination, strength, and relaxation.

    Physical therapy helps you coordinate pelvic muscles, breathing and core. Your body will function better when all the parts function together.

  • Recover from childbirth, abdominal surgery, pelvic surgery or a prostatectomy.

    Physical therapy can help you recover from many life events that have negatively impacted your daily activities. It strengthens, balances, mobilizes, and gives you back control. When you are in better physical shape, your health and quality of life improves.